sâmbătă, 28 mai 2016

Crazy carrousel hospital of zombies

In a country like a dessert or other planet, your life is put at the edge by crazy scientists enjoying their prade. A lullaby from a distant room filled with pain and antibiotics smell, sounds like the call of death. You are like a prisoner of this body unable to move but able to sense, hear, smell everything.
The sound of needles piercing your veins, stopping their usual flow, the dependence of other fluids for survival, the cold blooded maniacs, waiting to play with your life, like a bunch of zombies waiting for brain, and than....silence. You wait the conclusion, you wait to see if you can survive...you wait to be reborn from this universe of cold rooms and pain from the bottom to the top.

Unable to move, you crawl, unable to feel, you cry, unable to resist pain, you take painkillers. Unable to sleep, you end up listening music...unable to help others and yourself ...a part of you dies...at the same time with the common sense of the night shift nurses.

vineri, 26 februarie 2016

Long time

It's been a long time since my last sign in on this blog. I always think of a new idea, a new post and i end up saying nothing, because there is nothing else to be said. I've been put to silence by the living souls from my life.

Where's the reason into speak about love if there is nothing else than coincidence in shared love. When loving is a taken risk and nothing is certain, all you got is loneliness and fear.

If you sum up all the the goods and the bads, love is nothing else than a good ecstasy trip with a bad ending trip.

Fantasy mixed with love is like preparing yourself for the biggest fall down in your life.

Why i write about love, why in English...i don't know... i guess my mind is already set on "loving" mood. And when i say love...i mean...love of everything and the risks that everybody is blindly taking, just for the thrill of the moment. I wish that some of you stop for a second and enjoy all it takes to end up in love, by loving and being loved. Being afraid, is the first step in acknowledging love and the battle for it.

Love you !